What our Customers say...


I can not thank Frank, Darlene, and the staff of Eatontown SERVPRO for the amazing job they did completely redoing our townhouse after damage. They were able to start work immediately and worked tirelessly to make it like the damage never even happened. The work was quality and Frank went above and beyond to help us through a stressful time by taking all the responsibility and coordinating plumbing, electrical, painting, drywall, flooring, and mold and debris removal. I highly recommend Frank and his team as well as Darlene in the office, who was a joy to work with. They were able to fix a very difficult situation and make the process very easy for me. Thank you again!

I have used SERVPRO Eatontown/Long Branch 5 times on different commercial properties that I manage. I always appreciate their commitment, quality, and speed. The team consisting of Sly, Willy, Frank, and Kevin is outstanding! The owner John is always very professional and helpful. I highly recommend that you hire them.

This was a pretty rough last few days in the house with all the leaks. However, the experience with the SERVPRO team has been nothing but beautiful and professional. Got timely responses and assistance every time we call or needed any assistance. Chris, Meek and Sly were amazing at their service calls. Gave perfect assistance and help throughout the entire process. Thank You!

I cannot say enough about how grateful I am for everything they did to make sure we were taken care of with our big issue. Kevin and Ron were so awesome. Friendly, knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. They went above and beyond in their efforts to be sure all concerns were met, which made us feel at ease. The whole company did. The lady I was in touch with over the phone(I wish I remembered her name) was so professional and courteous. I called so many times to ask questions I kept saying I know I'm a pain. She assured me I was not and not to worry about all my calls. That's what were here for, to make sure our customers are taken care of. Boss man Lenny...great, great guy. Another going above and beyond. I give them all a super big 5 Stars and HIGHLY recommend them.

Best customer service and execution! Promptly returned all my calls, and always showed up when they said they were going to show up. Kevin and Robert from SERVPRO of Eatontown were extremely friendly and made me feel comfortable welcoming them into my home. Kevin explained everything in detail and patiently answered all my questions. They took care of the job promptly, and professionally. What nice gentlemen! Top notch!

I didn't have the opportunity to experience work from this company. What I did experience was the kindhearted help from a young gentleman that had on a shirt and hat with this company logo. I was at Motor Vehicle in Lakewood and I was having trouble trying to secure my kids in my car. He noticed I was having trouble and asked if I needed any help.The look on my face must have explained everything because he insisted to help me with my kids and stroller. A task I thought to be impossible at the time. I just want you to know you have a great kind person on your team. If I ever needed you please send him so I can thank him again. Thank You.

We had a water heater leak on the second floor of our home, causing water damage and mold growth. The SERVPRO team was quick to respond, and provided a thorough and professional service. The mold was completely remediated and everything is back as it was before the leak. It was a pleasure to work with John, Jordan, Chris, Sly, and TJ throughout the restoration process. I would highly recommend using their services!

I had a issue with ground water in my home. Kevin and Robert were knowledgeable, professional and provided excellent service with the remediation of the water and mold issue in my home.

Kevin Rodgers, the crew lead, went above and beyond when servicing my house. He is friendly, professional and incredibly helpful. Kevin takes pride in his work and it shows. He was extremely respectful of my belongings, and earned my trust during a stressful situation. Kevin Rodgers is a valuable asset to the Eatontown/Long Branch office.

We had a slow water leak that went undetected for a long period of time in our rental resulting in water damage and mold in our crawl space. With time ticking to get new tenants in, your team worked quickly and efficiently to mitigate the problem. Jordan has great communication while Chris and Rob worked fast keeping us up to date on the progress. The work was finished within a short time for such a big job. We appreciate the hard work that went into getting this done so quickly. Thank you SERVPRO and your team of professionals serving our community.

SERVPRO Eatontown/Long Branch responded to our business in rapid time. Chris and Sly provided efficient service to assist us in an issue & come highly recommended. Thanks!

Awesome Service and People! I had a water problem in my Condo and was very worried about mold. SERVPRO sent 2 Wonderful gentlemen to my rescue. Willy and Meek were very helpful and always on time. When I told Willy that I am very worried about having mold because of my allergies, his knowledge and responses made me feel very comfortable with my unfortunate situation. One of his responses I can quote. "When we come in your home your worries are no longer yours, they become ours. We are here to help." I will never forget how that made me feel to have someone that truly cares about people working in my home. Kudos to you SERVPRO for having such a great caring team. Plus 5 more stars *****

Professional and Efficient ! A MAJOR WATER ISSUE!

We experienced a major water issue with a broken water line that went from the 18th floor to the lobby in a hi rise building effecting 12 apartments. The SERVPRO staff Willy and Meek were here with us for about a week working with individuals and building staff to mitigate the damage. They were courteous and very professional with assisting our residents and staff . We got a kick out of the Huge Water Bottle that Willy brought everyday about 2 gallons of water and we would check to see how much was gone by the end of the day when they were leaving. They had such a great attitude. I would highly recommend them they handled a large job with no fuss no muss.

Jordan and his team were terrific! They were courteous, professional, prompt, and so helpful throughout the duration of the job, even when Jordan was so sick there was no communication breakdown. I felt very confident in there service and would highly recommend their team for anyone in need of their services.

The SERVPRO team at the Eatontown/Long Branch are consummate professionals. Two different crews came out over the course of several days. Sly and his crew, and Kevin and his crew were a pleasure to have. Both Kevin and Sly kept me informed every step of the way, and they reassured me during a very stressful ordeal. They were tremendously helpful, took great care, and went the extra mile. I am grateful for their service and very confident in their work.

When I discovered last Tuesday morning water all over my basement floor I was shocked. It soon became apparent that the hot water heater was broken. My son suggested that I call SERVPRO LongBranch/Eatontown. Jordan arrived very quickly and he was soon followed by the team of Kevin and Mek. We are now Monday afternoon. The clean up and remediation will be finished tomorrow. Kevin and his team were very professional and extremely courteous. They were a pleasure to have around. I highly recommend SERVPRO of Eatontown/ Long Branch. Janine of West Long Branch

All of the workman and managers were professional, polite and extremely informative. Thank you for a great job.

Honestly, you can't go wrong with the excellent service SERVPRO of Eatontown/Long Branch provides to all costumers. The absolute best costumer service and the most trustworthy employees that we've worked with. Mr. Brandle is our commercial representative agent at the Grandville Towers community. And his appearance and professional manners is core of great values. Mr. Kevin Rogers goes above and beyond any expectations to complete through job. And with his knowledge of experience of his work also does a great work. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs theirs services. Sincerely, Uri assistant manager...

Can’t say enough great things about Jordan and Kevin from SERVPRO of Eatontown/Long Branch! I came to Jordan in a time of total crisis and he assured me he would help and get the job done as fast as possible and he did not disappoint! Kevin and team worked so hard in the hot summer days to get the job done and I am beyond happy with the results. Thank you Kevin, Jordan and the rest of the staff for making a stressfully situation so easy and doing such a great job!

Sewage drain leak

Everything went awesome. The guys came in. Did their inspection took care of some damaged property. Removed all moisture. Happy customer.


Willy and Meek were the most professional and pleasant people I’ve met in a long time.

Crappy Situation Turned Worry Free

A slow leak in the waste line turned into an undetected crack and ultimately burst. The SERVPRO team lead by Tim called me on a Saturday afternoon, walked me through the options for emergency service and working through my homeowners insurance to avoid immediate out of pocket expenses. The team lead by Jordan, arrived on Monday morning as promised to access the situation and the onsite crew of Kevin, Chris and Meek got right to work. Unfortunately due to the nature of the damage being from a waste line there wasn't much help in saving many items due to contamination but Kevin communicated through out the process to ensure he had agreement before removing furniture, toys and other personal items. The carpet, molding, sheet rock were all removed up to 2 feet and you wouldn't have ever known they were in the house. The time this team took to line the flooring from the basement to the dumpster (They also arranged the delivery and pick up) was meticulous to avoid further spread of the contamination. The communication was flawless and Tim checked in every day with me and provided a reconstruction estimate for the insurance company. Not really hoping to every use them again because that would mean an other disaster happened but if other industries used this type of customer care and respect we would have a lot more satisfied customers. Thanks SERVPRO for making my life easier and getting us back to normal!

The team was so kind and efficient. They were amazing! Thanks Willie and TJ for all your hard work!

SERVPRO of Eatontown is a quality run operation with a group of guys who genuinely care and back it up with action. They did an amazing job mitigating water damage with minimal disruption, beyond the damage from a leak. I would unreservedly recommend SERVPRO of Eatontown and am grateful to them for getting us thru a difficult time.

Pure professionalism

  I live in California, but was informed by my niece that we had a ceiling leak beginning in the ceiling of our Ocean Grove summer cottage. It was pouring buckets and I was worried about the entire ceiling crashing down onto hardwood floors. Having had a previous positive experience with SERVPRO in CA, I called and spoke with Darlene, who immediately put me at ease then and throughout the process. She had a team out there immediately to protect and repair the roof, assess the interior damage and begin drying and dehumidifying salvageable wet areas. All costs were clearly stated, both for the initial outside repairs and drying and then for the subsequent repairs. As we were going to be coming to Ocean Grove for 4th of July, I asked if repairs could be completed in a very short time. Tim was the extremely efficient contractor and, while keeping me updated nearly daily, he managed to temporarily remove all upper cabinets, install new insulation and drywall, reinstall eight ceiling lights, repaint the ceiling, match the color and repaint kitchen walls, reinstall cabinets and leave everything in order...in only one week. When we arrived we found a spotless kitchen and a 4th of July floral arrangement. Tim also stopped the next day to make sure that my husband and I were satisfied. I’m extremely picky about things being done correctly and it’s a bonus to work with a company where people are both friendly and efficient. I was more than pleased to work with Darlene and Tim and I only wish I’d met the others responsible for such a professional job to thank them personally. So, thanks to everyone!

Thank You!!!  

Kevin and his crew made a terrible situation a lot less stressful. They were very professional, arrived in a timely fashion every day, and addressed each and every one of our concerns. Would highly recommend!

SERVPRO helped us immediately and completely. The crew was great and did all the demo timely, efficiently and left everything extremely neat and clean. Thank you to Jordan the project manager who was in constant communication with me and reassured me the whole way and to Willy who headed up the crew

SERVPRO has been very professional and prompt right from the start. Communication with Jordan is quick and easy to understand. Kevin and Rob have been a joy to have in our house while they are working. They are courteous, professional and respectful of our property. I am confident that the job was done right. I highly recommend this company.

Jordan (project manager) was very accessible, provided great information that we needed and felt a great trust in working with him. Kevin (crew chief) was fast, efficient and so great to work with. Overall, they made a stressful situation much less stressful!! So grateful for their help!

Sly & Lenny saved the day! I cannot thank them enough for coming in and calming a chaotic situation. They guided me through this stressful event and bent over backwards to make sure I had all the help I needed.

We had a flooded basement and all carpets had to be taken out and fans and dehumidifiers set to run. Sly, Eddie and Jordan arrived as soon as I called and did a fabulous job. They monitored the situation for several days and were a pleasure to work with.

Sly and Chris came right out after hours to damage cleanup on my exploded water heater. Amazing job, top notch company and top notch guys!! Very professional and courteous. Highly recommended!

Willy and TJ have been a great help and an awesome resource for all needs. Clean, responsive. Highly recommend this team.

Willy, TJ, Derek and Jordan were great getting my place dried out. The crew that came in the following day, two women and two men, to remove molding, dry wall, etc., did a fantastic job and actually cleaned off my surface walls, blinds and vents of any dust particles! I wish that I knew their names. Sly and Robert came to check that all my surfaces were properly dried out before removing all fans and dehumidifers, as well as going the extra mile to help me get my place in some kind of order. If only more companies provided such excellence! Thank you!

Had water damage with a frozen pipe due to thermostat failing leading to furnace failure (not going back on while we were away). Though the water damage was minimal, SERVPRO of Eatontown did an excellent job - not only the cleanup, but explaining the cleanup process. Then with a subsequent identification of another frozen pipe nearly two months later (going to both outside bibs), their project manager for our job stopped by to test for water in the walls. Cannot emphasize how accommodating they were. Hopefully, you never have to use a restoration company, but if you do, SERVPRO of Eatontown was outstanding. [Note, I am not affiliated with this company, just a very satisfied customer.]


We recently had a fire in our home. I can not thank Jordan our Project Manager, Kevin, Derek, Sly, Willie, Melvin, and Andrew enough for all they did to help us. They were all beyond professional, polite and extremely accommodating. They had an extensive plan and did not leave our home until we were satisfied. Highly recommend

SERVPRO Eatontown/Long Branch truly saved the day after a chimney fire in my home. Jordan, Sly and their team were extremely compassionate, efficient and thorough in their work. Within days they made our home livable again and guided me through the entire process. They kept me updated through each step with full transparency and answered all of my questions (I had plenty!) with patience and wisdom. The process could not have been any smoother without Jordan and Sly. I am truly grateful I contacted this SERVPRO branch while there are others even closer to my hometown. Can’t express enough gratitude to this professional and kind team.

Sly, Willy and TJ were amazing. It was great having them around during this difficult time. They did a great job and lifted our spirits with their fun personalities.

We are young and first time homeowners, so when we had our first major leak, we were scared and devastated. We didn’t really know who to call or where to turn, but we could not be happier with Jordan and Jose. These guys took care of everything and we knew we could trust them. I hope no one else has an experience like ours, but if they did, I would hands down recommend these down to earth and honest men.

A fire damaged the rear of our home, cutting thru vinyl siding, 1"Cellutex foam insulation board, plywood, a few windows, sliding glass doors, & 2 decks.
The next day our insurance company sent an adjuster to note the damage & he promised to return the next day to tarp the outside damage. Needless to say, he never returned.
Luckily just after he left, SERVPRO of Eatontown/Long Branch stopped by, gave me 1 of their cards, & said "If U have any questions please let me know". The following day, when no one showed, I gave SERVPRO of Eatontown/Long Branch a call.
WOW, within minutes a van showed up with 4 giant air scrubbers, a large dehumidifier, and heavy gauge plastic sheeting to build temporary walls in the areas of damage. Thanks to Lenny's demo crew SLY [Sylvester] who began work to limit further damage.

When we heard from neighbors that a 2nd floor pipe froze and burst while we were away, we were heartbroken. We called SERVPRO of Eatontown/Long Branch and were beyond happy with the work they did! They rushed over that very same day. Everything was done with so much care, and they were able to save all of our appliances and almost everything else, too. They left the house extremely clean and tidy. Lenny and his crew went above and beyond. They even found and treated preexisting mold, which will make us all healthier in the long run! Thanks, SERVPRO!

I recently had a fire and to say it’s overwhelming is an understatement. I had used SERVPRO after Hurricane Sandy and had a good experience so my first call was to SERVPRO From the moment they showed up, Jordan the project manager and Eric the crew leader created a needed sense of calm. They described in great detail what needed to happened and made sure I understood both the steps to remediate but how the process would work with my insurance company Once the work started both Jordan and Eric ensured that everything happened as they described. My overall experience was outstanding and god forbid you ever have a fire, make sure your first call is to SERVPRO!!!

Just recently used SERVPRO of Eatontown/Long Branch and could not be happier with the work performed on restoring my basement from years of rapid mold growth. As a recent home buyer, I was worried about bringing my newborn into the house, but Jordan Rosen assured me that his crew would take care of it. I was extremely pleased with Kevin Rogers, the crew chief, who was nothing short of amazing. He constantly kept in touch with me and kept me informed of the day to day remediation that was being done on my home. I would highly recommend their team for any remediation needs that you may have.

Our SERVPRO of Eatontown/Long Branch crew, Derek and Eric, did a fantastic job getting our flooded basement emptied and dried. They were careful and courteous, and took the time to do it right (although they still worked quickly and efficiently). They even disposed of much of the ruined materials - boxes, carpet, etc. Hopefully you will never need their services, but if you do, we highly recommend SERVPRO.


I expected professional workers who knew their jobs. Andrew and TJ were that and more! They were sympathetic to my situation, worked quietly and efficiently, explained what they were doing and cleaned up at the end of their work. Thank you guys!!

Thank you, SERVPRO for your professional, attentive, responsive and courteous service. Jordan, Andrew and TJ addressed the water damage sustained in our basement after the rain storm due to sump pump failure swiftly and promptly. They truly saved the day!!!

Response was quick and professional. Great job by Lenny Santos and his team.

I have been very impressed with SERVPRO's technicians as to their professionalism in every aspect in doing their jobs. They have been courteous, on time and hard working. I would strongly recommend them to anyone.

Frank Siek has exhibited a high degree of professionalism during the past ten days. He has explained things in a manner that is understandable to the non professional. He has kept to his  schedule and has also come when there were unforeseen  conditions due to freezing temperatures.

Very impressed with company and service people. Each service person was polite, attentive, and more than
accommodating and helpful in every respect. Kevin JR has been a pleasure to work with. A total professional.

One Saturday I put in extra hours and all I wanted to do was come home, relax and watch football. I opened the door and heard running water. A pipe in the finished basement let loose and it was a mess! A call to my insurance agent got SERVPRO out to my house a short time later and they stayed until 1am ripping up carpet and getting the place dry. #1 Kudos to Steve and crew, Jason and Lenny for for your prompt and exemplary service!

The guys who worked on the flood in my house were awesome and helped put my mind at ease throughout the whole process.
Your reconstruction crew were great! I knew right away that they were the right people to put our home back together. They put it back better than it was before we got flooded out!


Kevin was very polite, knowledgeable, helpful and professional. He checked in with me and update me often and explained the entire process.

The on site personnel were very professional. Rob and the group of workers were the best. Rob made me feel good & assured me it would be ok.

Lenny and Team –

These emails have been amazing!  Thank you so much for the tremendous support during this experience… we are so grateful to have you during this very stressful time for our organization.

I can’t express the gratitude for the amount of support I have felt, especially today – thank you!!!!  Lenny & his team are amazing. The amount of progress in one day is absolutely incredible…

“Teamwork makes the dream work” and I am so grateful that we are working with the best teams on this!  Thank you all!!!

This crew was excellent & polite. 

I have already recommended your company and specifically, the two gentlemen that I had. Thank you!  

I am very satisfied with the service & the cleanup they provided.

SERVPRO of Eatontown/Long Branch gives back to the community and environment as a wonderful supporter of Clean Ocean Action's Beach Sweeps. Not only do they clean up your home or office, but they help to clean up the beaches as well! Thanks SERVPRO!

Seriously these people saved the day for me!! I don't know what I would have done without them!!! A pipe burst in my dining room ceiling not only flooding my dining room but our finished basement. (Not a leak...a flood). They were there within in an hour helping to get all the water up and set up fans to dry the house. It was a big job. Kevin and his Dad Kevin, Derek and Eric saved the day, and my home from being destroyed. They work hard, fast and are a pleasure to have in your home. They are calm, kind and the kind of people you want around you during a stressful situation. Best of all the company was willing to bill our insurance company directly. In addition, they are able to pack up and move your belongings. Joe and Ed and their crew treated our belongings and home with such care, I knew we were in good hands. Wouldnt hesitate to use them again although I sure hope we wont need them!!

The staff was very professional and made me feel at ease.

The teams are very professional explaining everything and a pleasure to do business with.

I just want to say that every single crew member & project manager were excellent at doing what needed to be done to get all the water & mold taken care of.  They were very explanatory throughout the  whole process & work hard every day to help me get the business back open!!! Love this company!!!"

I am so impressed with the professionalism of all of the personnel who worked on this project as well as the office staff.

Quick response time for our building in our time of need. SERVPRO was also very helpful in guidance for the cleanup process and dealing with Insurance.

The SERVPRO workers were extremely helpful and explained cleaning process thoroughly.  Workers were very nice and professional

Jason and his team are experts in fire restoration. Their prompt response, expertise, professionalism and attention to detail helped me through a very difficult situation They were there through the whole process after my fire

We suggest SERVPRO of Eatontown / Long Branch to all our customers! Superior crew with outstanding customer service

We used SERVPRO of Eatontown/Long Branch to address a recent water issue. The SERVPRO team was on site soon after we contacted them. They were fast, efficient and professional throughout the clean-up process. They addressed the issue and returned the affected areas to its original state. Great job guys!

Thank you to Lenny, Jose, and Steve for the service provided. Our crawlspace looks amazing after receiving a thorough cleaning. I highly recommend SERVPRO!

Just had their team out to handle a sump pump overflow in my finished basement. Jason, Gerrell and Mark were absolutely phenomenal. Prompt, courteous, efficient and professional. Entire process was flawless. HIGHLY recommend this company!!!!

SERVPRO of Eatontown/Long Branch was totally knowledgeable & professional during this whole process.  My husband & I felt confident that SERVPRO would put our house back together.  They made and awful experience for us into a positive one; we have already spoken so highly of SERVPRO & have recommended them to others. Thank you so much!

SERVPRO of Eatontown/Long Branch exhibited a high degree of professionalism during the past 10 days. They explained things in a manner that are understandable to the non professional. They kept to their schedule and also came when there were unforeseen conditions due to prolonged freezing temperatures.

SERVPRO of Eatontown/LB gives back to the community and environment as a wonderful supporter of Clean Ocean Action's Beach Sweeps. Not only do they clean up your home or office, but they help to clean up the beaches as well! Thanks SERVPRO!

The team that came to the Ronald McDonald House in Long Branch was the best. The carpets look stunning, and the staff was more than professional. I would highly recommend this company.

John and his crew were nothing but professional! I would highly recommend him to anyone that has water, fire or smoke damage. If you're looking for someone that is trustworthy, fair, hardworking and gets the job done right this is the person to call.

SERVPRO of Eatontown/Long Branch came in when I had an issue. They were helpful, friendly and trustworthy!!

When we had a fire in our home during a renovation, SERVPRO did a phenomenal job.

I prefer to do business with trustworthy names/ companies. SERVPRO proved me right. My home was badly damaged due to a broken water pipe. They were informative, polite and accommodating to some of the concerns I had. Would highly recommend. Thank you SERVPRO of Eatontown!!

Thank you for the smoke damage remediation! I highly recommend SERVPRO!

SERVPRO of Eatontown/Long Branch came down after Hurricane Irene and helped us tremendously with the resulting damage to our house. I would highly recommend them! I love my Jersey Boys!! Thank you!

Our home flooded due to Winter Storm Grayson. SERVPRO came in promptly and did the huge cleanup - even lugging carpet and destroyed furniture up form the townhouse basement. Everyone was friendly, polite & helpful. They answered all of our many questions and gave us great guidance. Once they were done, they did a great job cleaning up! I would recommend them to anyone.

Great great great service here! Very fast, all the guys were very helpful and polite. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. I hope I never have this problem again, but if I do, without a doubt they will be the first one I call! Five starts to SERVPRO of Eatontown/Long Branch!

Very satisfied with this company. Did a wonderful job. I would highly recommend them.

Lenny especially was excellent to work with and so incredibly helpful during this whole stressful process.

My boyfriend and I had mold due to water damage in our house. SERVPRO came right out and helped us immediately. They were a pleasure to work with and we can't thank them enough for their service.

After we had a flood in our house the restoration crew came quickly and kept us informed every step of the way. Everyone was friendly and polite and went above and beyond to accommodate my schedule. Frank and the rest of the rebuilding crew (Mark and Carmine) did a great job with my new floors! The installation was quick and they scheduled the installation around our schedule, even worked on the weekend! The floors look great! Always easy to get in contact with, polite, and professional. Went above and beyond to work numbers out with the insurance company.


Very professional and personal company and employees. (Especially Franks team) Everyone was concerned with getting our water damage cleaned up and rebuilt as quickly as possible. We will recommend you to everyone !!

I want to give a big thank you to Lenny, Steve, John , and Kevin for working so hard on our home. We had a lot of work that needed to be done and this team was extremely professional and efficient in their approach. I highly recommend this company and team for a job.

SERVPRO of Eatontown/Long Branch was at my house much sooner than I thought would be possible. They then exceeded every estimated time of arrival. I will use them again no question, and will recommend highly.

The results were excellent and beyond my expectations. The workers were efficient, professional, and accommodating to work with.

The level of service and professionalism were way above my expectations. All of the staff and crew were courteous and prompt. Thanks!

It was a pleasure having these workers in my home. They were good workers, professional, and courteous.

The workers who completed the job from beginning to end were very informative and professional. Such hard workers!

Thank you John and your SERVPRO team for coming to the rescue with our condo! Your response to water extraction and remediation was quick, clean and professional. Even better was the fact that you handled the entire restoration of bathroom, sheetrock, carpet and painting. This made a very stressful process so simple. Your team dealt with the insurance company regarding the claim and negotiated a great settlement. The entire process took only five weeks. Most appreciative, Ken and Debbie

This was one of the most professional and courteous companies that has ever worked at my home. They went above and beyond with knowledge, cleanliness, politeness and professionalism. Their work was meticulous. It was a pleasure having them resolve the problem.

I am so grateful to everyone at SERVPRO of Eatontown/Long Branch. From the minute I called to the minute they left, they handled everything so well. Jason, Matt and Lenny were a pleasure to have working in my home. They saved me from a real nightmare. I can't thank them enough.

I know when I call SERVPRO they will have everything under control. They were fast on the scene of my water issues. They are true professionals who I now wholeheartedly recommend.

I called SERVPRO of Eatontown/Long Branch when I noticed what looked like mold on my basement wall. They came out right away. They explained the process and not only helped me figure out what it was, they took all the necessary steps to have it removed. I commend them on a job well done.

This is my second go round with water issues in my condo unit. John and his staff returned and helped me get everything back in order. I can't tell you how glad I am that I placed the original call to them. When the hot water heater broke, they returned and did another excellent job cleaning up the mess.

My sincerest thank you to the guys at SERVPRO. Our dishwasher flooded our kitchen just a few days before Christmas. They came in and cleaned everything up quickly. Very professional service.

You guys were great. When I came in to work on a Saturday to find water all over in my store I thought I would be closed for weeks. Jason and the guys came right out on a weekend and got to work. I was back in business in three days. Thank you so much.

They were kind, respectful and did a fantastic job. I HIGHLY recommend SERVPRO

All the technicians sent to our home were excellent. Their hard work is very, very appreciated by our family.

Please have the two men that you sent to my home do the training for any future employees. They are fantastic. They went above and beyond. Thank you SERVPRO.

Very professional. They kept us involved with each step of the process. Very satisfied with the work done.

We had a horrendous problem and SERVPRO was the best company to deal with. Lenny was knowledgeable and very patient. I cannot thank you guys enough!

The SERVPRO service was superior. I've never met more courteous and meticulous employees.Thank you!

I was grateful for the clear and thorough explanations that were provided during their services. Great job.

SERVPRO of Eatontown/Long Branch is the only company I would ever (and I mean ever) recommend to my friends and family. Amazing service and professionalism.

We had the oven fire in our home April 10th and SERVPRO said they would have it cleaned up in 3-5 days, I thought NO WAY! The fire extinguisher dust was throughout our whole house. We were back in our house April 13th. I went to work every day and left Lenny in charge . I felt safe and everything was well taken care of. He called when they were fished to update me and locked up my house. A huge thank you to Lenny! I will highly recommend you and you company.

On Tuesday, 9/6/16, we came into our office to discover that over the 4 day weekend, there was a leak in our toilet and a large portion of our office was flooded.  I contacted our insurance company immediately.  Our agent reached out to SERVPRO and they were here within an hour.  Jason was the manager of the crew and he immediately explained everything to me that would be happening.  The crew came in, assessed the damage and immediately began bringing in equipment to dry the floors and walls.  It was an extremely stressful time for me as Director of Operations, but I began to feel at ease once Jason and his crew arrived.  This process of drying and removing damaged items lasted the entire week.  Dustin was here for a majority of the time and he was absolutely amazing.  He was very patient with me and other staff, answering all of our questions.  Dustin worked the entire time and I noticed, he never stopped, always found things to do, which I found very impressive.  SERVPRO took initiative, showed kindness, and patience and made this difficult situation much easier than I had anticipated.

At our Thrift store, we had a fire in July and we also used SERVPRO, however it was not your office.  Although, I found them competent, they were nothing like your office.  Jason would email me daily reports on the work done and what they were planning to do the next day.  We were always in the loop.  Jason also returned all of my calls and answered all of my (sometime repetitive) questions.

I thought it would be important to send this letter, because we often overlook the excellence in others, especially during stressful times.  I believe Jason and Dustin are exemplary employees and we as an Agency are very fortunate and grateful for them.